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Loretto Joins Thousands in Call to Keep Families Together

By Loretto Community / July 2, 2018 /

Loretto joined with thousands across the country this past weekend in support of keeping families together. Loretto members and friends took part in rallies and protests in Denver, Louisville, Ky., Madison, Wis., Richmond, Calif., and St. Louis. . (Thank you to Mallory Daily, Eileen Harrington, Roberta Hudlow, Carolyn Jaramillo, Pat McCormick and Mary Helen Sandoval…

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Loretto Stands with Immigrants

By Loretto Community / June 26, 2018 /

Loretto marched in El Paso and St. Louis to honor immigrants and refugees on June 20, World Refugee Day. Maureen Fiedler wrote in a National Catholic Reporter blog on June 22, “We may be a nation of immigrants, but we have often not been a nation welcoming immigrants.” Read more. Loretto stands with immigrants. We…

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Loretto Community Calls on Congress to Halt Separation of Migrant Children from Parents

By Loretto Community / June 15, 2018 /

The Loretto Community, which includes the Roman Catholic Congregation of the Sisters of Loretto and Loretto Co-members, today joined people of conscience and faith everywhere in denouncing the U.S. government policy of separating migrant children from their parents. Loretto President Sister Pearl McGivney said, “I and many in the Loretto Community have spent our lives…

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Anna Koop SL Talks to 9News/Denver on Miracles Bringing Catholic Worker House Back

By Loretto Community / June 14, 2018 /

View video here.

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Loretto Volunteer Program Expands to El Paso

By Mallory Daily / June 1, 2018 /

Like many a good story, this one starts with an ice storm in Kentucky. Mary Swain was driving us to the Louisville airport. Claudia Calzetta and I woke early on a cold February morning to find our windshields covered with a thick layer of ice, and the roads in most spots didn’t fare any better.…

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Motherhouse Natural Flyway for Neotropical Migratory Birds

By Joy Jensen SL / May 1, 2018 /

Did you ever spot a Kentucky Warbler or a Yellow-breasted Chat? They fly freely in the Loretto Motherhouse forests. They are neotropical migratory birds that are protected under the Migratory Bird Treaty Act of 1918. A neotropical bird is defined as “a species whose breeding ground includes the North American temperate zones and which migrates…

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Loretto Special Needs Committee Awards 11 Grants, Spring 2018

By Loretto Community / May 1, 2018 /

By Sue Rogers The Loretto Special Needs Committee awarded 11 social change grants to diverse groups who share in Loretto’s commitment to build a culture of peace and justice and serve its struggling neighbors. The committee met by Zoom March 17. Committee members responsible for making decisions about grant awards are Martha Alderson, Angela Bianco,…

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Mission: Motherhouse Land Contributes to Climate Solutions

By Susan Classen CoL / March 1, 2018 /

I am intrigued by what I am learning about the role of land in mitigating climate change. Actually, challenged would be more accurate. I have been actively involved in fighting climate change for years, and my social activism has taken many forms. I resist pipelines, participate in lobby days, attend marches, write letters and sign…

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Loretto Community Supports 2017 U.N. Treaty to Abolish Nuclear Weapons

By Loretto Community / December 14, 2017 /

The Loretto Community firmly and unequivocally supports the 2017 U.N. Treaty to Ban Nuclear Weapons. We call upon the President and Congress of the United States of America, where we are based, to immediately support the abolition and unilateral disarmament of nuclear weapons, which means to discontinue all further testing, production, updating and deployment of…

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Loretto Stands at the Border to Close the School of the Americas

By Loretto Community / December 1, 2017 /

By Paulette Peterson and Mary Ann McGivern Sixteen Loretto Community members, Volunteers and friends joined the Nov. 9 demonstration to advocate for the closing of the School of the Americas, renamed the Western Hemispheric Institute for Security Cooperation (WHINSEC). Loretto has been present at the School of the Americas Watch in Fort Benning, Ga., since…

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Loretto Offers Generous Support to Haiti in Time of Need

By Loretto Community / November 1, 2017 /

By Barbara Wander Loretto’s very generous donation of $10,000 to the Little Sisters of St. Therese of the Child Jesus has come at a time of real need. Although they did not receive a direct hit from the hurricanes, the glancing blows have yet again caused some deaths (both people and animals washed out to…

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Special Needs Fund: Promoting Loretto Mission

By Loretto Community / October 2, 2017 /

By Sue Rogers The Special Needs Fund, established by the General Assembly of 1973, has been active in promoting Loretto mission for 44 years. The Special Needs Fund has provided a combination of grant funds promoting social change and emergency funding to assist Loretto’s economically disadvantaged neighbors in times of crisis. The 1973 Loretto General…

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