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Jubilarians Reflect on Their Loretto Lives

By Loretto Community / June 1, 2016 /
Two women with short grey hair, wearing dress clothes and white rose and ribbon boutonnières smiling brightly together while sitting and enjoying a meal at a table.

By Cecily Jones Two diamond jubilarians, Virginia Ann (V.A.) Driscoll and Theresa Louise Wiseman, were joined by two golden jubilarians, Marie Ego and Sue Charmley (anticipating their May 29 anniversary),…

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El Paso Women’s Hall of Fame Honors Helen Santamaria

By Loretto Community / June 1, 2016 /
Three women smiling together for a group picture indoors while two of them hold a Hall of Fame plaque together.

(Editor’s Note: Information excerpted from the nomination forms completed by Jo Soto) “Since her teens Helen Santamaria has dedicated her life as a member of the Loretto Community to her…

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Mandalas: A Creative Way to Meditate

By Lillian Moskeland CoL / June 1, 2016 /
A woman with short brown hair and round wire-framed glasses smiling for a picture while drawing a mandala indoors.

Sharon Kassing doesn’t set out to draw a specific mandala. Instead the mandala (pronounced mən-də-lə) draws itself, coming to her line by line. Beginning about 18 months ago, Sharon wanted…

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Remembrance of the Life of Sister M. Bernardine Wiseman SL

By Loretto Community / May 28, 2016 /
A headshot of a woman smiling with short grey hair, glasses, and a purple sweater over a white collared shirt.

Sister Bernardine was born in Hodgenville, Ky., the third of seven children of Charles Bernard Wiseman of Rineyville, and Christine Margaret McMillen Wiseman of Tunnel Hill, both in Hardin County,…

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Remembrance of the Life of Sister Simone Inkel SL

By Loretto Community / May 14, 2016 /
A black and white image of a woman with short dark hair, wearing a white collared shirt underneath a black sweater smiling joyfully in a candid picture with her hands clasped.

Sister Simone Inkel began life as Marie Rolande, one of eight children of Oliva and Marie-Anna Boufford Inkel, French Canadians who had settled in Mobile, Ala. Marie Rolande had an…

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‘Sisters of Troost’ Highlights Sisters Helping Those No One Else Will

By Donna Day SL / May 1, 2016 /
A woman, Maureen Smith, with short white hair, wearing a blue collared shirt, smiling brightly in front of a red brick wall.

“It takes a village” to support a village. “They help people no one else will,” writes Kansas City (Mo.)Star reporter Donald Bradley. The Sisters of St. Joseph, Mercy, Notre Dame…

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St. Vincent De Paul, Denver, Recognizes Women Religious

By Cathy Mueller SL / May 1, 2016 /

Loretto was invited to attend an assembly at St. Vincent de Paul School in Denver to recognize the years of service given there by religious communities: Sisters of Loretto, 58…

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Remembrance of the Life of Sister Marie Dolorosa Simones SL

By Loretto Community / March 22, 2016 /
A woman with short blonde hair and glasses smiles for a picture in a black sweater while sitting on a blue plaid couch indoors.

Sister Marie Dolorosa was named Dolorosa Victoria at her baptism in Dubuque, Iowa, in 1926. Her parents, Joseph and Florence, were Catholic Iowans. She had one sister, Florence, who was…

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Remembrance of the Life of Sister Lee (formerly Sister Michael Marie) Connolly SL

By Loretto Community / March 19, 2016 /
A black and white head shot of a woman with short dark hair, big glasses, and a striped collared shirt.

Sister Lee Connolly was named Mary Leona by her parents, William and Mary Collopy Connolly, both natives of Chicago. She had one older sister, named Veronica Margaret but called Bon;…

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Pakistan Committee Showcases Loretto Values at Loretto Academy, El Paso, and St. Albert School, Faisalabad

By Mary Ann Lovett SL / March 1, 2016 /
Seven women smiling brightly while sitting indoors, and one woman on the right side is holding a clear, inflated globe beach ball.

‘We give you glory, thanks and praise …’ The Pakistan Committee often has its yearly meeting in Denver, but this year the members of the committee agreed to meet in…

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Group Honors Maureen McCormack for Faith-filled Service

By Loretto Community / March 1, 2016 /
Three women wearing dress clothes smiling together for a group picture indoors.

Maureen McCormack was among four longtime board members of the Interfaith Alliance of Colorado who completed their valued service to the board of directors and the organization. These members, along…

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Remembrance of the Life of M. Concetta Torrillo SL

By Loretto Community / February 1, 2016 /
A nun smiles for a picture indoors.

Sister Concetta Torrillo was born in Granite City, Ill., to Guiseppe and Concetta Gagliardo Torrillo. As a young married couple her parents had immigrated from Pietraroia, Italy. The following is…

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