Retreat Team

Four women sit on the front steps of a brick building

Our Retreat Staff

Retreat staff members JoAnn Gates CoL, Renee Edelen, Kaye Sapp and Susan Classen CoL provide the peaceful space and excellent care for those on retreat.

Cedars of Peace

Susan Classen is a Loretto Co-member, of the Mennonite tradition, and has been caring for Cedars of Peace since 2005. She lived and worked in Bolivia, El Salvador, and Nicaragua from 1981 – 2003, as nurse, general development worker, and spiritual care director for the Latin American development volunteers.

Knobs Haven

JoAnn Gates is a Loretto Co-member and has been caring for Knobs Haven since 2005. Her professional background includes 19 years of social work with adults and children with severe disabilities and 1½ years in pastoral care at the Loretto Motherhouse infirmary. From 2000 to 2003, JoAnn lived and worked in rural Nicaragua.

Retreat Center Assistants

Renee Edelen has worked at the Motherhouse since 2006 and is currently the Campus Housekeeping Director. She and her staff help care for the retreat spaces which is an essential aspect of welcoming visitors. Renee enjoys fixing things, sewing and refinishing furniture.

Kaye Sapp has worked here since 2021. Kaye loves the cabins in the woods and preparing the spaces for visitors. Kaye enjoys going to the Smokey Mountains, being outdoors and spending time with family.

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