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Frequently Asked Questions – Cedars of Peace

How much does it cost and when do I pay?


For 2-7 nights, the fee is $55/night*
For 8-13 nights, the fee is $45/night
For 14-18 nights, the fee is $35/night
For 19+ nights, the monthly fee is $600

You can pay online here. We also accept checks or cash. You are welcome to pay either at the beginning or at the end of your retreat.

We don’t require a deposit but we do ask for a donation from anyone who cancels with less than two weeks’ notice for short retreats or one month notice for retreats of a month or more. Read our cancellation policy. The fee is based on the number of nights reserved, so we ask that you pay the number of nights you confirmed in your reservation, even if you need to leave early.

*The fee of $55 per night is per person, not per cabin. If two individuals are staying in the cabin that accommodates two individuals, the fee is $110 per night ($55 per night/per person).

Carved wooden sign reads next to a trail into the woods reads "Peace Path."
Hiking trail.

What are the cabins like?

The cabins are simple but comfortable. They each have a kitchenette, comfortable sitting space in front of a large picture window, a full bath including hot/cold running water, and a twin bed (with the exception of our cabin able to accommodate two). Each cabin also has a screened-in porch.

A twin bed with a quilt is positioned in the corner of the room. A small window is up to the left, and a bedside table with lamp is on the right.
Namaste bed

What is included in the kitchen?

The kitchens have everything needed for basic food preparation, including an apartment-sized stove or counter cooktop, refrigerator, microwave, toaster oven, french-press coffee maker, pots and pans, cups and utensils.

A studio kitchen with small refrigerator, stove/oven, sink with counter and a few cupboards.
Hope kitchen

Are the cabins air conditioned/suitable for year-round use?

All of the cabins are air conditioned and have electric heat. They also have ceiling and floor fans.

A simple cabin stands in the woods. Snow blankets the roof and the ground.

Do your cabins have barrier-free entry?

Unfortunately, no. None of our cabins have barrier-free entry. All of our cabins have at least 3 steps to get to the front door.

A view of a screened-in porch on a wood cabin in the woods.
Simplicity porch

What do I need to bring?

You will need to bring: any personal items and food (including all ingredients needed for preparation).
We will supply: towels, bedding, cookware, and cleaning supplies.

A sink with mirror, toilet and shower make up the bathrooom in the Grace cabin.
Bathroom in Wonder.

Can two people stay in a cabin?

We have one cabin suitable for two people that has a double bed upstairs and a futon downstairs (the fee is $110/night for 2 people). The other cabins each have a twin bed are only suitable for individuals.

A two-story wooden cabin includes stacked porches.
Joy Cabin

Can I request a particular cabin?

We always like to know which cabins people prefer and do out best to honor preferences when we are able. However, we cannot guarantee any particular cabin and ask for your understanding and flexibility as we strive to accommodate as many individuals as possible.

A simple wooden cabin is surrounded by trees and greenery.
Namaste Cabin

Is there internet access?

There is access to WiFi in the Utility Room at Cedars of Peace, though we are asking extensive time not be spent there (an hour or less). We cannot provide a space totally free of interruptions so if you have need private access, please plan accordingly. The public library in Bardstown provides internet in the parking lot or you can bring your own hotspot.

A walking path continues past a wooden bridge into the woods.
Path around Mary’s Lake

What if I have to cancel or leave early?

We don’t require a deposit but we do ask for a voluntary cancellation fee from anyone who cancels with less than two weeks’ notice for short retreats or one month notice for retreats of a month or more. The fee is based on the number of nights reserved, so if you need to leave early, we ask that you pay the number of nights you confirmed in your reservation.

A simple cabin with a red door and roses around the porch.
Cedars office

When can I check in?

You are welcome to arrive anytime after 12pm and depart anytime before 12pm. It’s fine to arrive later or leave earlier. We will send directions straight to your cabin (which will be unlocked) so you don’t need to check in when you arrive.

A desk is pictured facing a window. The forest can be seen through the window.
Desk in Wonder

Will I have cell phone coverage?

That depends on your carrier.

Verizon and AT&T are very reliable, while other carriers are less so.

A gravel road leads through a field into a woods.
Gravel roads for walking

Is there daily liturgy?

Liturgical services (Mass or communion service) are available daily. On Tuesdays, there is silent prayer offered at the Motherhouse church. Retreatants are welcome to attend any of the services. The schedules with times can be found in each cabin.

Those who wish are also welcome to use the chapel at Cedars of Peace for personal prayer and meditation.

Ceiling to floor windows form a bay on one side of a minimally furnished room.
Chapel interior

Is it possible for me to eat in the Motherhouse dining room?

This option is no longer available for Cedars retreatants (as of April 2020).

Steps lead up to the entrance of the old 4-storey brick Academy building.

What number should I give family and friends for emergencies?

The best number to use is the Cedars of Peace office number: 270-865-5811, ext. 5004

A carved wooden road sign reads "Cedars of Peace"
Entrance to Cedars

Can I bring a pet?

We have one cabin available for those who wish to bring a dog. If you are interested in bringing your dog, we ask that you first come alone to get a sense of the quiet. Some dogs (like some people!) don’t do well in silent spaces. If you do come with your dog, we ask for an additional $10/night as well as a friendly agreement that you will cover any damage that your pet might do to the cabin. We trust that you will monitor if your pet interferes with the quiet for other retreatants or with the peacefulness of the wildlife living here, and that you will leave if such disruption happens.

Heads of grass in a field glow golden in the sun.

Is there a place to charge electric vehicles?

Yes! We have a charging station able to accommodate 2 electric vehicles. It can be found on the main campus just to the right of the Art gallery, up near the Knobs Haven house.

A charging station for electic vehicles at the Loretto Motherhouse.
A simple cabin can be seen through the boughs of cedar trees.