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Frequently Asked Questions – Knobs Haven

What is provided in each retreat area?

– All linens are provided, including cloth napkins.
– A full kitchen with appliances, cookware, bakeware, dishes and utensils.
– An excellent water filter is installed in each kitchen. No need to bring commercially-bottled water!
– Dish soap and soap for hand-washing.
– In an effort to reduce our carbon footprint, we do not provide paper products (other than toilet paper), and strongly urge guests to use the dishes, utensils and cloth napkins available in each kitchen.

An inviting kitchen in white and gray decor, with center island and counter
Knobs Haven House kitchen

What does it cost to stay at Knobs Haven?

Lodging: $55/person/night

Food: Most individuals and groups bring and prepare their own food in the fully-equipped retreat kitchens. If you wish to purchase any meals from the Motherhouse Community dining room, those 2024 rates are:

  • Breakfast – 7:45 AM: $10.00
  • Lunch – 12:15 PM: $15.00 (This is the main meal of the day.)
  • Supper – 5:30 PM: $10 (This is a very light fare.)

Groups also bring their between-meals coffee, teas and condiments.

Simple bedroom with a single bed with flowered coverlet and wingback chair.

What about meals?

Many individuals and groups choose to bring and prepare their own food. A large and fully-equipped kitchen is available in each retreat area to make this a pleasant part of your stay.

Others bring and prepare some of their own meals but purchase one or two meals from the Motherhouse Community dining room.

  • Breakfast – 7:45 AM: $10.00
  • Lunch – 12:15 PM: $15.00 (This is the main meal of the day.)
  • Supper – 5:30 PM: $10 (This is a very light fare.)
A kitchen with warm wood decor and a center island.
Academy Building kitchen

What do I need to bring with me to retreat?

– Bring your personal items, including bath soap (and a face mask during COVID).
– Between-meal snacks and drinks.

As long as the COVID virus is a concern, the Motherhouse Dining Room protocols will fluctuate depending on current circumstances. Individuals and groups may need to bring and prepare all their own food. As you plan for your retreat, check with JoAnn for current information about the dining room status.

An easy chair and ottoman face a window displaying a leafy view.

Can I request a special menu?

Our kitchen prepares meals for all those living at the Motherhouse, including the 85 residents in the licensed nursing facility. Let us know if you are vegetarian and the kitchen staff can add some vegetarian items to the food line. However, we are unable to accommodate full vegetarian and other special diets. Please bring with you any special or alternative food items you may need.

Heads of grass in a field glow golden in the sun.

Are any grocery stores nearby?

– Foodland and Dollar General, which sell basic food items, are in the town of Loretto, 2 miles away.
– An IGA & a Sav-A-Lot are in Springfield, about 15 minutes away.
– A Kroger is in Bardstown, about 25 minutes away.

Is there internet access?

Yes, wifi is available in both retreat areas.

A walking path continues past a wooden bridge into the woods.
Path around Mary’s Lake

Will I have cell-phone coverage there?

Verizon and AT&T have nearby towers. Coverage from other providers can be spotty. If you think that your cell phone might not work here, you may give the following (see next item) emergency numbers to someone who may need to reach you.

A gravel road leads through a field into a woods.
Gravel roads for walking

Is a screen with DVD player available?

A small screen with DVD player is available in either retreat area.

A large screen with DVD player is available in the Conference Room of the Academy Building. You must make arrangements in advance for use of the Conference Room.

Are pets allowed?

We’re sorry, but pets are not allowed in the Knobs Haven retreat areas. At Cedars of Peace, one cabin is available is for guests who would like to bring a quiet dog. For more information, contact Susan at [email protected].

A simple wooden cabin is surrounded by trees and greenery.
Namaste Cabin

Are there places to walk?

The Motherhouse property consists of 780 acres of land. Paved and gravel roads and walkways are plentiful around the buildings and houses. Walks to Mary’s Lake, to the hermitages, the outdoor labyrinth, and to Joseph’s Lake are about ½ mile each on gravel roads. A wooded, mulched path around the perimeter of Mary’s Lake is lovely for a stroll, and several trails are available. Guests are welcome to explore the woods (beautiful in every season!), keeping in mind that both poison ivy and ticks are abundant. Appropriate footwear, socks, insect repellent and a hat are strongly recommended.

A walking path continues past a wooden bridge into the woods.
Path around Mary’s Lake

Can I fish in or boat on the lakes?

Fishing is allowed at Joseph’s Lake and at Badin Pond. Interested persons must have their own Kentucky fishing license and obtain a free permit at the Motherhouse receptionist desk. No boating is allowed.

The sun sets over Badin Pond, profiling the trees and vegetation on the shoreline.
Badin Pond

Do you recycle?

The entire Loretto Community takes seriously our relationship with and responsibility for our planet. We seek your assistance in this regard, and are grateful for your own efforts toward ecologically-sustainable living. The following types of materials can be recycled here: Office paper, newspaper, glossy paper, cardboard, plastic, aluminum, glass, and tin cans. Containers for compost are located in each kitchen.

Pink lilies bloom in the foreground, with a lake surrounded by trees in the distance.

What is the smoking policy?

The Loretto Motherhouse buildings and grounds are smoke-free environments. Persons wishing to smoke may do so at the entrance to the property—about 0.2 miles from the retreat buildings.

A road passes between two pillars built of stones and goes off to the horizon.

Is there a place to charge electric vehicles?

Yes! We have a charging station able to accommodate 2 electric vehicles. It can be found in the parking lot near the Knobs Haven house.

A charging station for electic vehicles at the Loretto Motherhouse.

What are the times for Mass and community prayer?

The Motherhouse church and services are open to guests. Due to a shortage of priests in the area, there is no set Mass schedule. Communion services are held at the following times; these times are subject to change if a priest is available.

  • Sunday: 10am
  • Monday through Friday: 4pm
  • Tuesdays are quiet communal prayer
  • Saturday: no service

The following nearby places have Mass on a regular basis; their schedules are on their websites.

Carved wooden sign reads next to a trail into the woods reads "Peace Path."
Hiking trail.

What is the emergency number in case someone needs to get in touch with me?

Comfortable chairs are arranged in a circle around the edges of a large rug in a bright and airy room with a punched-tin ceiling.